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Yoga Classes, Private Yoga, Corporate Yoga with Sharlene Schneier, certified yoga teacher in Marin County. Therapeutic Style of Conscious Corrective Fitness.

Meet Sharlene

Yoga transformed my life in 2003.


As a movement educator, I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and its complimentary fitness methods with everybody and every body.


Exercise is medicine and we all deserve our own customized movement practice, created uniquely for

our needs. 

I encourage and empower students at different fitness levels, ages, and adaptive needs to align their bodies, minds, and hearts with their highest sense of self.

Your fitness and wellness program will take into account your whole being. From mood management to strengthening your core, you will learn how to best take care of yourself.  Drawing on a variety of movement modalities, we will craft a program especially designed to serve your optimal well-being.


You will gain an awareness of how your body moves, how you can move more effectively, how to address imbalances, how to modify exercises and how to live better in your body. 

             500-hour Hatha Yoga Level 1 Certification

             Southern California Vedantic Center, 2005



  • Registered Yoga Teacher         500hr RYT with the Yoga Alliance



  Over 4,000 hours of teaching experience in gyms, fitness & rehabilitation centers, health & wellness                       centers, yoga studios, senior residential facilities, corporations, and private practice

  • Self-proclaimed inflexibles

  • Active agers (seniors)

  • Injury & postsurgical recovery

  • De-conditioned exercisers

  • Chronic conditions affecting back/neck/shoulders

  • People with Parkinson’s, MS, CNM, movement disorders, anxiety & depression

  • everyBody

  • ​Balance, strength, mobility, conditioning, core strength, gait & agility

  • Hand-eye coordination, voice activation, vision & vestibular therapy

  • Brain fitness & mental focus

  • Gross & fine motor skills

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Mood management & embodied cognition 

  • Breathwork

  • Self-Myofascial Release (SMR)

Photo: © Mark Cordeiro



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