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David Hwang, DC

From my experience with patients that I see at my office,  it is very important to find an instructor that doesn't push you too fast too soon, or take the time to get your form and breathing right. Sharlene is a very patient and thorough instructor that teaches you at a pace you are comfortable with.

Melissa S.

Having come from other classes feeling quite dissatisfied, I entered her studio and immediately felt at home. She is a kind and wonderful teacher who has lifted me spiritually. I love attending her class and I frequently experience a great sense of accomplishment while discovering what my body is capable of – oftentimes far beyond my initial expectations.

Nirmal W.

Sharlene has a very peaceful presence and makes sure to give personal attention to her students in such a loving manner that you feel very safe and supported by her. 

Terry P.

Sharlene does not just teach yoga.  She creates an atmosphere that encourages every person in her class to move themselves better and farther than they ever have before.

Sharlene’s yoga classes have become a priority in my life.

My body, spirit and soul are always improved after every class and I always look forward to the next.

Sandra Olsen, RN

  In the past I have been most interested in gaining strength and flexibility from the poses, but was never much interested in the meditation. Your class has added that missing piece through breathing and just the right amount of meditation both before and after the exercises. It's a terrific way to decrease what seems like never ending stress in our hectic world.

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